Mother Attempts To Burn Family

Mother Attempts To Burn Family 4/06

 By William Simonsen

Sequim, Wash. — Charged with attempting to burn her two sons and her husband to death, Sheree Clemons appeared in District Court gagged and strapped to a chair. She did not respond to any to the judge’s questions.

She is currently back in jail awaiting her arraignment.

Police reports allege she admitted setting fire to a room in the Sequim West where she was staying with her family.

She allegedly told officers she was trying to kill her husband Bryan Clemons, 26, and sons Shay Sullivan, 8, and Nathan Clemons, 2.

The family was staying at the motel after she had allegedly set their house on Bell Street on fire.

Clemons appeared to be semi-conscious while attorneys argued her future. The judge must now decide when, or if, she should have a mental evaluation,

Prosecutor Jill Landes argued for an immediate evaluation at a state hospital. Landes said Clemons “didn’t know who she was or where she was” shortly after her arrest.

Landes said, “We don’t know if (her condition) was the methamphetamine she was taking, or a nervous breakdown.”
But defense attorney Terry Mulligan argued that removing her from the Clallam County jail would interfere with his ability to prepare the case for trial.

“But we may want to do an evaluation later,” said Mulligan.

Judge Ken Williams said he was not ready to rule on the evaluation.

“She is in a safe place at this point,” he said..

Without a ruling, she was taken back to jail. She is being held in lieu of $250,000 bail.

It was her third appearance in court in five days.

No visitors, except her lawyers, are allowed to visit her in the jail.

The investigation of the house and motel fires that landed her in jail continues while she waits.

The motel fire was investigated immediately as a possible arson. Sequim Fire Department personnel initially said the Bell Street house fire was accidental, but were examining the house again.

Members of Clemons family claim she was never in legal trouble before. A search of legal cases in Clallam County yielded no previous record.

Her husband, Bryan Clemons, was arrested for alleged methamphetamine possession at the house on Bell Street the day before the first fire.

© 2013 William Simonsen. All rights reserved.

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